Sunday, 17 March 2013

Enchanted (Obsessive Compulsive) Cooking

So today I knew I had a lot of sewing ahead of me. I needed new entries on my site. So I procrastinated by making 75 XL peanut butter cups, chocolate covers strawberries dipped in coconut and sprinkles, chocolate covered bananas, chocolate covered mandarins slices, chocolate covered black berries, raspberry jam filled chocolate cups, ice cream in mini chocolate bowls, chocolates with mandarin filling, black berry filling, banana filling and edible chocolate shot glasses. I needed to clear out the whole freezer to fit these in. I didn't stop until there was no more cupcake liner cups to hold the candies, and the 2 month supply of chocolate was used up...Now tell me I'm insane. It was like an enchanted trance. I didn't even realized the vast quantities. Now friends, if you want one of these yummy treat for a toonie, you better comment ;)

Enchantedly Yours,


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