Sunday, 7 April 2013

A Beauty Post

Let me start with this:

By Project Beauty

Who doesn‟t want to look like the girl in the magazine? Long legs, tan skin, beautiful face, perfect hair; traits we think are beautiful and admire. But is this photo in the magazine really beautiful when you know the girl has spent two hours getting her hair and makeup done, and then having an outfit picked out by professional stylists who get paid thousands of dollars for each shoot, and then standing in an artificially created set for hours listening to orders on how to pout from the photo director?

The beauty and mystery is even more stripped away when you consider the difficulties this girl has gone through keeping herself very thin to look ethereal for the camera; the months of starving or restrictive dieting that she devotes her energy and mind to. Even worse, when you find out that the beautiful creature looking at you is not even the model who posed initially but a heavily remodelled, photo-shopped version, made by some guy sitting at a computer and digitally manipulating the image to make the girls boobs look bigger. Is it really beautiful now? Consider the effect it has on women, thinking this deformity, this fantastical creation is the way a woman should look. It is ugliness you see in that picture in the magazine.

What is true beauty; manicures and spa days, and hair straighteners? No, I say true beauty is embracing yourself and your nature and radiating it. It is being determined to pursue your own ideal, based on your own personality. It is when a person is so comfortable with themselves and so confident in how their personality is that beautiful feeling shines through and radiates out of their soul.

When you see a truly beautiful person, whether they are short or tall, thin or fat, blue eyed or brown, they can take your breath away because their presence is so strong. Any one of us has the potential to be truly beautiful, for a beautiful person is someone who has embraced their personality and expressed it. It takes true determination to figure out who you are and love yourself fully, enough to live as you like, and showcase your personality to the world; that is how you can make Inner beauty visible to everyone around you. Ultimately, I say, true beauty is true personality.

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